Thursday, 9 May 2013

Cryptic Guide 8 "Any Other Business"

Here is part 8 of my Cryptic Crossword guide, it covers other types of clues that you might (rarely) come across.

1. Odds or Evens

In this type of clue the answer is hidden in either the odd or even letters in a word or phrase. The indicator is generally 'Odd', 'Oddly', 'Even', 'Regularly' or something to that effect.

2. And Lit.

In this kind of clue (generally indicated by an exclamation mark) the whole clue is both the definition and the wordplay.

3. Other

You will very occasionally see clues that don't fit into any of our categories. They are often entertaining and do not have to follow any particular rules. One good example of a clue that defies classification is the infamous:


which clues WATER.