Thursday, 25 April 2013

Cryptic Guide 6 "Unashamedly Cryptic"

Here is part 6 of my Cryptic Crossword Guide. This part concerns purely cryptic clues.

You can find the other parts of the guide here.

Hope you find it helpful,


Cryptic clues are quite different to other types of clue. They often rely on puns or a sentence having two possible readings to disguise the definition of the word. They are sometimes indicated by a question mark '?' (I try to do this in most of my cryptic clues ) and these are the one type of clue that, more than others, may only offer you one way of getting the answer.

The only way to learn how to solve these clues is, in my opinion, to see a few and get to grips with them so here are a few examples:


Mean small time thief? (5,7)

This clue does have a definition 'Mean' and also a cryptic part (indicated by the '?') and the answer is PENNY PINCHER (one who steals very small amounts!)

Finished university job? (3,3,6)

This clue also has a definition "Finished" and the cryptic part 'university job'. The answer is RUN IT'S COURSE, it means finished and is cryptically a university's job.

It records frivolous talk? (3,5) 

Here is an example of a cryptic clue without a definition. The answer is GAS METER