Thursday, 18 April 2013

Cryptic Guide 5 "Sounds Like"

Here is part 5 of my Cryptic Crossword Guide and this part is all about homophones (or sounds like clues).

You can find the other parts of the guide here.

Hope you find it helpful,


A homophone clue will generally come in three parts.

1. The definition - You know the drill by now, the clue will always have a definition either at the start, or the end

2. The indicator - There are a range of homophone indicators and they are mainly quite intuitive. Examples are: Say. I hear, aloud, spoken, heard etc.

3. The homophone clue - This is the part of the clue that will lead you to the homophone it can be one word, two or rarely even more

The trick with homophone clues is identifying which part is the definition. From my personal experience I find it easier to solve these clues by guessing the answer from the definition and verifying it with the homophone but everyone is different and sometimes this is near impossible to do.


I hear piece is dark (5)

A homophone (I hear) of a chess piece (KNIGHT) gives us a synonym of dark, NIGHT.

Finish fixing car wheel, say (6)

A homophone (say) of what you might be doing if you are fixing a car wheel (RETYRE) means to finish ones career, RETIRE

Spectre of financial institution problems, say (6)

A homophone (say) of a financial institution (BANK) and problems (WOE) gives us a shakespearean spectre, BANQUO