Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cryptic Guide 4 "Charades"

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Here is part four of my beginner's guide to cryptic crosswords which concerns charades. A charade type clue involves splitting the answer into parts and clueing them individually. You can see the whole guide here.

Hope you enjoy, Banquo

Charade type clues involve splitting the answer up into smaller words that can be clued individually. These might be beside each other or even inside each other and will come with several distinct parts. For this guide we will examine clues where the answer is split in two but you should bear in mind that it can be split into many parts.

1. Definition - As always the clue will involve a definition
2. Part 1 Definition
3. Part 2 Definition
(4). Indicators - These can be words like 'by', 'on' or 'within', they are mainly words that denote position. These do not however have to be present if the two definitions are simply meant to be written one after the other.


Receptacle for the mail grab (5,3)

This is a charade clue, if we take PAPER (the mail) and BAG (grab) and put them together we get PAPER BAG, a receptacle.

Event made safe after survey I hear (4,5)

Here we can make an event found at the olympics if we take a word for a safe (VAULT) and put it 'after' a homophone of another word for survey (POLE).