Thursday, 4 April 2013

Cryptic Guide 3 "Hidden in Plain Sight"


Here is part three of my cryptic crossword solving guide, this part is about hidden words.

You can find links to the rest of the guide here.

Crossword setters sometimes like to hide the answer in the clue. These clues, along with anagrams, are in my opinion some of the easiest ones to solve. These types of clues are generally used for smaller words as they are easier to find sentences for.

A hidden word clue will generally contain three parts

1. The definition (as always) will be present at the start or end of the clue
2. The indicator; these are again numerous but generally intuitive. Words and phrases like 'found in', 'seen within' 'within' and even just 'in' can indicate that the answer is hidden.
3. The part of the clue where the answer is hidden.


Egg found in Tesco value range (3)

Here Egg is the definition and the answer can be 'found in' 'Tesco value range' so by looking for words that could be clued by Egg we find OVA (TESCO VALUE RANGE)

Man coming back in Crete pub (4)

Words can also be hidden backwards! Here a man's name (Man) is hidden backwards in 'Crete pub'. It is of course PETE (CRETE PUB)