Friday, 22 March 2013

Solution 002 "Numb'r Two"

Hello everyone,

Here are the solutions to my second Cryptic "Numb'r Two". I had a lot of fun making this puzzle and keeping it completely free of the letter 'e'. I hope you enjoyed solving it.

If you haven't already attempted it, you can here.

Answers are below, so expect spoilers!


As before highlight the brackets to see the answer.


1. An old city man, with no country, is incognito (9)

Take 'An' an abbreviation for old, an american city, an abbreviation for man, '0' for no and a country and put them all together to get a word meaning incognito.


6. Hot rock found in Tutuila vacation (4)

A form of hot molten rock can be found within the phrase 'Tutuila Vacation'.

Answer (LAVA)

8. Initial copy of film has shoddy finish (5,3)

A term for the first cut of a film is made by putting words for shoddy and finish next to each other.

Answer (ROUGH CUT)

9. Book; vibrant; containing pop hit (6)

A book that fits with the theme of this crossword can be found by taking the three letter abbreviation of a pop hit by Journey and putting it in a word for vibrant.

Answer (GADSBY)

10. Unusual computing youth's top is a curiosity (6)

A short word for unusual, an abbreviation for computing and the top of 'youth' can be put together to form a word meaning curiosity.

Answer (ODDITY)

11. A right vigour in chap moulds tasty topping (8)

'A', r for right and a word meaning vigour can be put in a synonym of chap to make an almond topping for cakes etc.


12. Constant slants in upright built from goons (6)

A type of polygon with constant angles can be made with 'I' (an upright) and an anagram (built from) of goons.

Answer (ISOGON)

15. Hang clasp from important unit (8)

A term used to denote hanging by a gang and a synonym of clasp make a word meaning integral part.


16. This is a mass of fat? (8)

This crossword is an example of this, you could also think of this as a mass of lipids.


19. Pussyfoot with most of clan into Asian city (6)

A word meaning pussyfoot and most of a 4 letter synonym together form a city in Indonesia.

Answer (PADANG)

21. Indian building has that odd jam, odd man and within is a laugh (3,5)

A famous Indian landmark is made up of the odd letters in 'that', the odd letters in 'jam' and a short man's name with 'ha' inserted.

Answer (TAJ MAHAL)

22. Francis holds this salary including a backward looking bung (6)

The position currently held by Francis is made by putting another word for bung backwards inside a word for salary.

Answer (PAPACY)

24. Zooms in on goal (Saturday) (4,2)

What a soldier might do if he zooms in on something is made from another word for goal and the common abbreviation for Saturday.

Answer (AIMS AT)

25. "On post lav hold in" (sic) is lingo (8)

A language group (lingo) is made from 'on' put after 'lav' inside 'sic'.


26. Ranks among first of soldats going to south (4)

The plural of an abbreviation of a rank can be seen in the first letters of 'soldats going to south'

Answer (SGTS)

27. King, unlucky, is shot at (3,6)

A term meaning shot at is made from 'r' for king and a word meaning unlucky.



1. Book a film about a ring (1,4)

Another book following the theme of this crossword, this time a translation, is made from 'a' and 'o' (a ring) inside a term for a film.

Answer (A VOID)

2. Continuing on go, I put knight on g(7)

A word meaning continuing is made from 'on go', 'i' and the chess abbreviation for a knight on 'g'

Answer (ONGOING)

3. Nasty laugh on short Yank (5)

A word meaning nasty is made from an old term meaning to laugh and the first letter of Yank.

Answer (YUCKY)

4. Top-notch girl holding man (7)

A word meaning top-notch is made from putting a man's name inside a girl's name.

Answer (OPTIMAL)

5. Damn! Pot's wrong way up for foodstuff (5,4)

A type of pea is made from an expression along the lines of 'Damn' and another words for pots backwards.


6. Franglish for "plat" is said by youths acting macho (7)

What a plate may be called in Franglish can be said aloud to give a term for youths acting macho.

Answer (LADDISH)

7. Singing skill cut short, I put up NO, causing shaking (9)

A singing skill an opera singer might possess can be slightly curtailed and have 'I' and 'NO' put up to make a term meaning shaking.


13. Twisting making a rip form up within support (9)

A word meaning twisting can be made from putting 'a rip' up inside a support you might have if you are injured.


14. Point blast up giving light in sky (5,4)

A compass point and a curse word like 'blast' put upwards make a light in the sky (at night).


17. Gradual assimilation of old shilling I put in Stirling (7)

A word meaning gradual change is made from abbreviations for old and shilling put beside the first name of a famous Stirling containing 'I'.

Answer (OSMOSIS)

18. Ban for chap carrying dug soil (7)

An archaic word meaning curse, or ban, is made from an anagram of soil inside another word for chap.

Answer (MALISON)

20. Ambassador missing ton obtains award (7)

An award is made from a type of ambassador without 't' for ton.

Answer (DIPLOMA)

22. You play this softly in a bad loop (5)

Something you play is made from a music symbol for softly, an anagram of 'in a' and a loop.

Answer (PIANO)

23. Champion I laid top and tail forming baby (5)

An abbreviation for champion put with 'I' and the ends (top and tail) of laid make a synonym of baby.

Answer (CHILD)