Monday, 18 March 2013

Solution 001 "Absolute Beginners"

These are the solutions to Cryptic 001 "Absolute Beginners" which you can try here.

This was my first cryptic, thanks to everyone who attempted it, I hope you enjoyed it.

Warning: Post contains spoilers!

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 1.  Number a politician with headless fools' caricatures (8)

Take a roman numeral (Number) next to an abbreviation for a British member of parliament (a politician) and add a word for fools without it's first letter (headless fools') to get a word meaning caricatures.


5. Spectre of financial institution problems, say (6)

A Shakespearian spectre sounds like (say) a word for a financial institution and a word for problems.

Answer  (BANQUO)

9. Leaders of central African nation reorganise "barer" Capital (8)

The first letters (Leaders) of "central African nation" next to an anagram (reorganise) of "barer" give you a Country Capital.


10. Finish fixing car wheel, say (6)

A word meaning to finish work sounds like (say) replacing part of a wheel on a car

Answer (RETIRE)

12. Allow sailor between English and the French (6)

An abbreviation for a sailor often found in crosswords is put between an abbreviation for English and the in French

Answer (ENABLE)

13. Impress strip on a topless group with some leg showing (8)

A word meaning to impress is formed when you put a word for a strip of land in a garden (strip) on 'a', a 70's group missing the word 'top' (topless group) and part of the word 'leg' (some leg showing)

15. Spreads uncooked; filling empty friend in ship (7)

A word meaning spreads is formed when you put a word for uncooked inside the first and last letters of a word for friend (empty friend) and put it all in a prefix used to denote a merchant ship.

Answer (SPRAWLS)

16. Undergarment on model. Spoilt (4)

An item of underwear with a famous model of car make a spoilt child for example.

Answer (BRAT)

20. Attach note inside duck (4)

A musical note placed inside the score a cricketer getting a duck would get gives you a word meaning attach.

Answer (NAIL)

21. Beheaded unfriendly date (7)

A word meaning beheaded is formed from a word meaning unfriendly and an abbreviation for date.

Answer (SEVERED)

25. Strength in finish is imposed (8)

A word meaning strength put inside a word for finish gives you a word for imposed.


26. Impression taken from look of a cad engaging (6)

A word meaning impression can be found in 'of a cad engaging'.

Answer (FACADE)

28. Girl... disorientated... the lane... losing time [6]

A girl's name is made from an anagram (disorientated) of '(t)helane' (the lane losing t for time).

Answer (HELENA)

29. Police lithium check is sensible (8)

An abbreviation for a police officer with the symbol for lithium and a type of check make a word meaning sensible.


30. Lines in cubes make moody stage effect (3,3)

An abbreviation for railway (lines) put in a type of cube you might find in a casino make a stage effect

Answer (DRY ICE)

31. Self contradictory endless gas from an idiot (8)

A word meaning self contradictory is made from the beginning of a type of gas (endless gas) and a word meaning idiot.



1. Curled shut (6)

A word meaning shut (as in a door) can be made out of a word for a curl of hair.

Answer (LOCKED)

2. Lunatic brother coming up beneath mother (6)

A word for a lunatic is made from putting the name of a biblical brother up (brother coming up) beneath a short word for mother.

Answer (MANIAC)

3. Rising volley circumvents Queen and Prenny's covers (8)

A word for a volley of fire written up (Rising volley) around abbreviations for Queen and Penny gives you a word meaning covers.


4. Geek starts national exhibition with leading railway designers (4)

Another word for geek is made from the first letters (starts) of 'national exhibition' and the first letters (leading) of 'railway designers'

Answer (NERD)

6. Killer guitarist (6)

A double definition, a type of killer and a nickname for a guitarist.

Answer (AXEMAN)

7. Game on numbers without hole is made by University Challenge team (8)

A word for a trivia based game on top of zeros (numbers) losing a letter that looks like a hole makes a word that could classify a team on University Challenge.


8. Above broken seat is gorge (8)

A word for above on top of an anagram (broken) of seat makes a word meaning gorge.

Answer (OVEREAT)

11. Girl in bottle of eels? (7)

A girl's name inside a brand of bottle makes a way of serving eels.

Answer (JELLIED)

14. Struggled as wide declared (7)

A word meaning struggled is made from the abbreviation for wide and a word meaning declared.

Answer (WAVERED)

17. English Setter discarded and snared (8)

An abbreviation for English along with 'Me' (Setter) and a word for shed make a word meaning snared.


18. Read testament in its entirety stubbornly (8)

A word meaning stubbornly sounds like (read) a 'testament in its entirety'.


19. Day endless group is initially made to diet (8)

A day near the end of WWII followed by a shortened word for group, 'is' and the first letter of 'made' (initially made) create a diet.


22. Dry metal on cut ice (6)

A word meaning dry (in the context of a comment or quip) is made from a metal on top of part of the word (cut) 'ice'.

Answer (IRONIC)

23. Food a vicar cooked (6)

An anagram (cooked) of a vicar makes a type of food.

Answer (CAVIAR)

24. Idiot in jacket (6)

A word for idiot and 'in' make a type of jacket or tunic.

Answer (JERKIN)

27. Company with a number to entice (4)

An abbreviation for company with 'a' and a letter that may represent a number in algebra form a word meaning entice.

Answer (COAX)

Hope you enjoyed the puzzle, any questions just leave me a comment

Thanks Banquo